Outdoor Improvements

Are you looking for an amazing outdoor upgrade on your property?

Look no further than META Roofing! Pergolas and private fencing offer great ways to customize your yard and extend your living space for the next family gathering or special occasion. Don’t forget about your kids! META Roofing also provides playground equipment installation that ensures safety and fun for the entire family. With careful planning, a qualified advisor from META Roofing can help you to create a balance between these elements, giving you the perfect outdoor experience. Contact us today to start designing your dream outdoor space with the help of our professional services!

Whether you want to define a portion of your yard, add shade, or create a beautiful attraction full of climbing plants and flowers, you can rely on a pergola. Many styles of pergolas are available, ranging from simple, modern designs to ornate, elaborate, and elegant structures.
Private Fencing
Mineral surfaced roll lies flat, so it protects against weather better and helps resist moisture. Ideal for low slope applications.
Increased self-esteem, improved collaboration skills, enhanced critical thinking skills, and a strengthened immune system are just some of the high-level benefits children gain by being able to play. Choose from various playground styles and we’ll assemble it safely.

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We offer a workmanship warranty that covers the roof 5 years after installation. Solar also offers many warranties that protect your solar investment. Have peace of mind that systems include 25 years of warranty on parts and labor.

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Quick turnaround times for roofing projects can provide several benefits, including reduced disruptions, improved safety, reduced damage, better value, and peace of mind.